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Totally Free DJ Software?

Yes! Did you know that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get into Djing on a laptop? Infact you don’t even need to use a laptop specifically, you can use the desktop PC that you might be reading this website for djing as well if you are just looking to make mixes and fine tune your dj skills. As long as you aren’t looking to go out gigging then there’s no reason not to use a desktop PC.

So firstly, what is DJ Software? Well, you’ve probably already seen Media Player that comes bundled with your computer, so imagine a version of that which lets you run two songs at once and blend between them smoothly. Thats effectively what DJs do in a nutshell, but with a panache that builds an atmosphere and promotes good party vibes for anyone listening to it.

Where Can I get this Free DJ Software?

If you’re in a rush you can just check the links below where you’ll find links to each of the main DJ software companies offering free DJ software. Just click, download and install and you’ll be on your way to learning your craft as a DJ before you know it.

Everything Costs Money, Right?

Well yes, normally but quite often software companies are so certain that their product is fantastic that they will release ‘lite’ versions that let people try the main features out and get a feel for exactly how good it is. The thinking goes that over time the user might want to take their use further, require more features and be impressed enough with the lite software that they then choose to purchase the full priced version.

What About Hardware?

Most of the free dj software will work on your regular PC but you’re going to have to check the minimum hardware requirements. The only issue you might have is the soundcard. Without wanting to get technical here’s the crux of some budding DJs problems – they are running everything in their laptop – no cd players, no record decks, no mixer. That’s fine, the PC can do all of that no problem. The only issue is you’ll generally want to play one song to your audience while you get the next song ready on the headphones. With PCs with a simple soundcard you’ve only got one audio output – does this get used for the headphones or the main audio out? That is the crux of the only main problem with purely software Djing.
So how do you get around it? Well if you’re lucky you might have a surround sound type sound card – this type of soundcard has more than one output so this problem won’t be an issue for you at all. If not you can go out and get an audio splitter from your local electronics and hardware store – Left Channel can go to the headphones and Right Channel to the amplifier, that fixes it pretty quickly.
Alternatively you can get yourself a cheap USB sound card and plug that in, then you’ve got two soundcards that your software can control – one for the headphones and one for the amplifer.

So Who’s Giving Free DJ Software Away?

Virtual DJ

One of the most popular free DJ software products out there is VirtualDJ. It’s good enough to use for your first forays into club Djing although bear in mind the terms of the free licence mean it’s only meant for non commercial use.


If you prefer your software to be open source or to run on older netbooks that come with Linux rather than Windows then Mixxx is the DJ software for you. Fully featured and totally free it is maintained by a team of expert sound engineer hobbyists and written to a very high standard.


Kramixer is another Windows based DJ software but this one uses a sound engine that is also used commercially in Xbox and Playstation games. With many high level features such as automatic BPM matching this is a great introduction to the world of laptop Djing. It also has the advantage of letting you make mixtapes on the fly by recording your work in real time to MP3s.


Zulu DJ Software is another fully featured program offering a slightly cut down version for free. The main Zulu package allows DJs to benefit from automatic beat detection and deck synchronization, pitch control and real time effects as well as looping, BPM tapping, live mix recording as well as lots of other features. The free version allows full access to all of these features for 2 weeks then reduces functionality down to the lite version. Again the licence terms don’t allow for this to be used commercially.


Ultramixer have been making sound related software for quite a while now and Ultramixer is their contribution to DJ software. Coming in various flavours with Pro, Basic, Home and Free the free version allows you to get to grips with key DJ functionality and provides a good introduction to their other wide range of music software.


We’ve included the Serato DJ-Intro software here because it’s free although it is worth mentioning that it requires a compatible controller to run so it’s not totally free when you think about it. However this is one of the most solid pieces of DJ software you are likely to see and it is possible to get yourself a cheap Serato compatible DJ controller if you hunt around so we’ve included it here anyway.

If you want to try out any versions of these free DJ software packages see below.



Our recommendation is to download and install a few of them to see which suits your music style and style of playing best and then try to learn it inside out as your DJ skills become more and more fine tuned.


Where to Download Free DJ Software

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